ICONICS’ Systems Integrator Partner (SIP) and SIP Certification programs provide systems integrators with credentials to identify their company’s proficiency with ICONICS products. Designations allow ICONICS customers and distributors to locate systems integrators with proven ability to develop ICONICS solutions for their applications and efficiently deploy projects. SIP Membership is offered as an annual subscription through local sales channels, and directly with ICONICS in circumstances where there is no suitable ICONICS Channel in the local area.


The ICONICS SIP programs offers three levels; Enrolled Member is the entry level, SIPs may advance to the Certified Partner or Gold Partner levels through employee training and certification and documented project delivery experience. The Certified and Gold Partner levels recognize firms that have made the commitment to build their ICONICS delivery capabilities. We maintain strong relationships with our System Integration Partners to ensure they have the information, training and support critical to the delivery of ICONICS solutions.

ICONICS Systems Integrator Partner Program Overview

    India's SIP Partners

    Vijay Transtech
    Storm Energy