Better, Faster Decisions

ICONICS provides enhanced visibility across your plant floor, enabling you to make informed decisions about your manufacturing process. Our comprehensive suite of products makes it easy to store, analyze, and report on any data, anytime. Plus, dashboards can be set for mobile access, giving your operators the power to move around your plant, or your executives to check on things from home.

Over Three Decades of Auto Industry Experience

Since its beginnings in 1986, ICONICS has worked with automotive companies worldwide. In an era where driving itself is becoming automated, ICONICS can streamline and improve every aspect of automobile and parts manufacturing.

Product Features

Automotive Production Quality

Manage automotive production quality with native graphs and trends, as well as a native quality reporting product, Quality AnalytiX®. Quality AnalytiX enables operators, quality personnel, manufacturing engineers, and management to view quality SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality.

OEE Metrics

Leverage Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics to minimize wasted effort and expenses. Integrate real-time OEE metrics into manufacturing overview displays to provide a comprehensive view of production efficiency.

Real-Time Displays

Visualize production in real time with rapid animations and responsive displays. Graphs, trends, and other metrics update in real time to provide a comprehensive production overview.

Fault Monitoring

Monitor and respond to automotive production system faults. Native fault viewers provide better clarity into the lifecycle of faults for maintenance and operations leveraging fault state tracking.