Manage and Control From Anywhere

Oil and gas customers who deploy ICONICS solutions benefit from a complete, 360-degree view of their operations. With web-based SCADA, international language switching and open standards connectivity, you can access data for any location, from any location. Customized regulatory reporting helps reduce costs, while secure operations are ensured via operator accountability.

Software for Any Size Application

ICONICS works with the world’s largest oil and gas enterprises, as well as smaller firms and ancillary companies. Our asset-based control and monitoring solutions can scale easily with the addition or removal of sites and equipment as you grow your business.

Product Features


ICONICS applications have been tested and installed in the most secure environments. Role-based access ensures that specified assets, modules, or screens can only be viewed by defined users or clients. ICONICS’ integration with Microsoft fortifies systems with seamless security compatibility with Active Directory.

IoT Integration

IoTWorX™ ensures that oil and gas systems are prepared to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT). ICONICS offers oil and gas facility managers several key IoT technologies, including rich connectivity to assets, secure cloud communications, and built-in real-time visualization and analytics.

Distributed Alarming

Enterprise-wide distributed alarm management for oil and gas applications is provided through AlarmWorX™64, ICONICS’ native alarming module. AlarmWorX64 offers the tools to deliver real-time alarm management throughout a system, with ISA 18.2 compliance features. Manage alarms with a preconfigured AlarmWorX64 Viewer to integrate into any SCADA or HMI display.

Mobile Visualization

Visualization for mobile devices is provided via MobileHMI™, the ICONICS app for native device visualization. MobileHMI provides a consistent user experience on any smartphone or tablet and delivers dashboards to any mobile device, allowing personnel to monitor and control their enterprise from anywhere.

Oil and Gas Software Solutions

See how the ability to monitor the condition, production and efficiencies of equipment by operators or executives drives continuous improvement throughout facilities.