Software for Changing Facilities

As pharmaceutical facilities are increasingly required to produce more drugs in smaller batches, ICONICS is here to ensure your multi-product facility is efficiently, intelligently managed. Our advanced facility and production management tools keep your site operating as effectively as possible while providing the flexibility needed for modern drug production.

Competitive Businesses Need Comprehensive Software

Insight into your operation is key for increasing efficiency and growing your business. ICONICS applications can identify inefficiencies as soon as they develop, allowing you to address issues as fast as possible. In addition, our advanced automation tools can streamline your manufacturing process, save money, and reduce human error.

Product Features

Production Quality

Manage pharmaceutical production quality with native graphs and trends, as well as a native quality reporting product, Quality AnalytiX®. Quality AnalytiX enables operators, quality personnel, manufacturing engineers, and management to view quality SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality.


As a fully integrated reporting module, ReportWorX™64 pushes data into report spreadsheets using the power of Microsoft Excel. Its advanced scheduling engine can deliver reports directly to your mailbox or phone, or on demand from an HMI screen, so your data is always there when and where you need it.

FDA Compliance

ICONICS solutions are fully compliant with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11, ensuring that electronic records and signatures mandated by the FDA are respected.


Create and save recipes to quickly initiate pharmaceutical production with the ICONICS native recipe management module. Use recipes to monitor material needs and calculate costs of products and batches.

GENESIS64™ FDA 21CFR11 Capabilities

This paper provides useful info on features of several GENESIS64™ components that may be useful to companies wishing to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.