Management for Vehicles and Facilities

Whether it’s an airport, train station, or seaport, or warehouse, every subset of the transportation industry has a hub from which their vehicles operate. ICONICS has had decades of experience making these facilities as cost effective and efficient as possible. Whether you need to save money on heating and cooling or ensure that your shipments leave on time, every time, we have a software solution to fit your need. 

Industry-Leading Software for Industry-Leading Performance

In an industry where punctuality is key, we are prepared to keep your enterprise performing at its best. Our software solutions provide deep insight into your operations to reveal inefficiencies that may have taken months, years, or decades to discover manually. With ICONICS software providing intuitive, real-time reports, you can spend less time worrying about problems and more time fixing them.

Product Features


ICONICS applications have been tested and installed in the most secure environments. Role-based access ensures that specified assets, modules, or screens can only be viewed by defined users or clients. ICONICS’ integration with Microsoft fortifies systems with seamless security compatibility with Active Directory.

IoT Integration

IoTWorXâ„¢ ensures that oil and gas systems are prepared to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT). ICONICS offers oil and gas facility managers several key IoT technologies, including rich connectivity to assets, secure cloud communications, and built-in real-time visualization and analytics.

Native GIS Mapping

Create a geographical overview to monitor multiple locations while maintaining the ability to locate and drill into specific assets. Users can integrate with Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Esri to include additional GIS mapping features and data layers.

Camera and Video Integration

Integrate closed-circuit television (CCTV) and video feed directly into SCADA displays for both monitoring and security.