Software for an Evolving Industry

As sustainability concerns grow and water reuse becomes more common, proper water and wastewater treatment is more crucial than ever. To ensure the safety of the public and to meet the needs of users of non-potable water, ICONICS provides insight into your facility ensuring that all treatment and filtration happens exactly as planned. Our industry-leading alarm management ensures that any errors are immediately reported and acted upon.

Product Features

Water Treatment Assets

Native GIS Mapping

Create a geographical overview to monitor multiple locations while maintaining the ability to locate and drill into specific assets. Users can integrate with Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Esri to include additional GIS mapping features and data layers.

Mobile Facility Monitoring

Mobile Visualization

Visualization for mobile devices is provided via MobileHMI™, the ICONICS app for native device visualization. MobileHMI provides a consistent user experience on any smartphone or tablet and delivers dashboards to any mobile device, allowing personnel to monitor and control their enterprise from anywhere.

Alarms and Fault Detection

Distributed Alarming

Enterprise-wide distributed alarm management for water and wastewater applications is provided through AlarmWorX™64, ICONICS’ native alarming module. AlarmWorX64 offers the tools to deliver real-time alarm management throughout a system, with ISA18.2 compliance features. Manage alarms with a preconfigured AlarmWorX64 Viewer to integrate into any SCADA or HMI display.

Mobile Alerts and Alarms

Multimedia Alarm Notifications

ICONICS supports multimedia alarming, with comprehensive OPC-based alarm management that delivers real-time alarm information directly to the user. Leverage email, SMS, text-to-speech, and voice calls to alert users subscribed to an application.

Water and Wastewater Software Solutions

Gain clear insight into how the integration of collection, treatment, distribution and water quality analysis systems into an operational dashboard helps achieve optimal performance.

Water & Wastewater Cusomer Success Stories

Know about the installation done Globally with Information of the Project Deployed