High-speed, Reliable, and Robust Plant Historian

ICONICS’ Hyper Historian™ is an advanced 64-bit high-speed, reliable, and robust historian. Designed for the most mission-critical applications, Hyper Historian’s advanced high compression algorithm delivers unparalleled performance with very efficient use of resources. Hyper Historian integrates with the latest big data technologies, including Azure SQL, Microsoft Data Lakes, Kafka, and Hadoop. This makes Hyper Historian the most efficient and secure real-time plant historian for any Microsoft operating system.

Hyper Historian™ Product Brief

The Hyper Historian™ Product Brief provides info on ICONICS’s advanced, high-speed, reliable, robust, Data historian for any application.

Hyper Historian™ Brochure

Hyper Historian™ provides a High Speed, Reliable, Robust, Advanced Big Data Plant Historian for Any Application.

Hyper Historian™ for Azure

Hyper Historian™ for Azure provides a plant-wide historian for real-time data collection and IoT applications.

Using a data historian provides organizations with the ability to benefit and learn from their accumulated information. Modern data historians need to be able to capture a vast amount of data at high speeds and also recall that same data with the same quickness for comparisons to real-time or more recent data, using integrated trending and reporting tools. Integrating systems with a rapid, robust data historian can be also benefit other connected applications including those involving quality analysis/SPC.

  • Integrate performance calculations
  • Archive data from unattended operations
  • Replay real-time and historical data
  • Customize trends and charts
  • Store and forward critical data
  • Trace diagnostic data with event logs

Benefits of ICONICS Hyper Historian

Unparalleled Performance

Hyper Historian uses an advanced Swinging Door data compression algorithm for high-speed data collection. A unique automatic archiving feature allows for routine/triggered dara archive scheduling.

Configure Complex Calculations

An integrated Performance Calculations Engine can be triggered periodically or on any data change event, using flexible date/time, mathematical, string, and historical data retrieval functions.

Works On Premises or In the Cloud

Users can opt to integrate their ICONICS data historian with cloud services providers, such as Microsoft Azure, for maximum scalability and reliability.

Data Integrity via Merging

An included Data Merging module allows for automatic or manual insertion of data, ensuring that all data gets included, even after a network disruption.

Rapid Collection from Dispersed Data Points

Hyper Historian is a 64-bit, distributed, enterprise-wide solution that utilizes remote collectors, which share ICONICS’ universal connectivity and integrate with OPC-UA, BACnet and SNMP protocols.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration

ICONICS data historians integrate with Microsoft’s SQL Server, making them the most efficient, real-time plant historians for any Microsoft operating system.

Major Strength

Remote Collectors

Architected as a distributed, enterprise-wide historian, Hyper Historian utilizes remote collectors, which allow for historical data collection from dispersed locations. Remote collectors ascribe by ICONICS’ universal connectivity capability, including integration with OPC-UA, BACnet, and SNMP protocols.