Next Generation in HMI/SCADA Automation Software

GENESIS64™ is an advanced HMI/SCADA solution suite designed for Microsoft operating systems. ICONICS GENESIS64 suite delivers unparalleled performance with OPC, BACnet, Modbus, and open standard database connectivity. The GENESIS64 suite provides connectivity from plant floor and building facilities to corporate business systems. Designed to leverage 64-bit and OPC UA technologies, GENESIS64 allows operators, executives, and IT professionals to integrate real-time manufacturing, energy, and business information into a secure and unified web-enabled visualization dashboard.

GENESIS64™ Product Brochure

GENESIS64™ provides the World’s Most Advanced Suite of 64-bit HMI/SCADA Software Solutions.

GENESIS64™ Product Brief

The GENESIS64™ Product Brief provides info on ICONICS’ next-generation 64-bit automation visualization software solution.

Top 20 Reasons You Need GENESIS64

Learn Top 20 Reasons You Need GENESIS64! From high performance data capture to rich dashboard visualizations.

Key Feature of GENESIS64™

HTML5 Thin Client Technology

Reduce the time it takes to recognize and fix issues by accessing your real-time data on any mobile device, via a ‘truly thin client’ and responsive application which requires no footprint or bootstrap.

Rich, Powerful 3D Visualization

Create dazzling animated graphics that can incorporate interactive HMI features (alarms, trends, and historical data), combine 2D
objects with 3D views, create smart symbols, insert controls, and much more.

Cloud Scalability

Cloud connector technology leverage Microsoft’s public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure to increase collaboration and efficiency without compromising security.

Augmented Reality

Reduce manual errors and visualize your data faster by scanning QR Codes and receiving details about that particular device or asset. Connect to Near Field Communication (NFC) devices and update the backend database.

Live, Self-service Dashboards

Configure your own personalized KPI dashboards within a live (runtime) system. Drag and drop data, configure widgets, and split screens by utilizing the award winning KPIWorX™. Leverage several preconfigured gauges, process points, trends, alarms, and grids for quick data visualization.

Assets Viewable with Geo-SCADA

EarthWorX™ is ideal for widely dispersed asset applications. ICONICS’ unique SmartPin™ technology provides innovative drill-down capabilities. Within seconds, an asset can be identified and located through native integration with Esri, Bing, or Google Maps.

HMI/SCADA Automation Software for 32-bit Systems

GENESIS32™ is the industry’s most reliable 32-bit suite of OPC, SNMP, BACnet, and web-enabled HMI and SCADA applications. GENESIS32 has been deployed in countless applications across a variety of industries, designed with Microsoft Windows® operating systems, providing reliable integration with the most popular communication infrastructures. GENESIS32 continues to deliver unparalleled dependability, performance, and implementation efficiency.

GENESIS32™ Product Brochure

GENESIS32™ OPC Web-enabled HMI/SCADA software suite allows users to connect to, analyze and visualize their organization’s data.

GENESIS32™ Product Brief

The GENESIS32™ Product Brief provides info on ICONICS’ fully scalable suite of OPC, SNMP, BACnet and Web-enabled applications.

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The BizViz™ Product Brief provides info on ICONICS’ manufacturing intelligence and business visualization software.