Top 20 Reasons You Need GENESIS64

Learn Top 20 Reasons You Need GENESIS64! From high performance data capture to rich dashboard visualizations.

Advanced 3D HMI SCADA Visualization

This whitepaper presents an overview of a powerful approach to visualization of manufacturing that greatly reduces the learning curve for developing HMI applications.

Augmented Reality and Wearable Devices

Wearable devices and augmented reality fit well into ICONICS’ product ecosystem, which already provides mobile-friendly solutions with its MobileHMI™ apps, touch input methods, and location services.

GENESIS64™ FDA 21CFR11 Capabilities

This paper provides useful info on features of several GENESIS64™ components that may be useful to companies wishing to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.


IoTWorX™ provides the bridge between an on premise communications network and a cloud-based communications network.

Recipe Management System

This paper outlines the ICONICS Recipe Management System by providing examples that illustrate the capabilities of this tool in ICONICS GENESIS32™, which can be used to manage and control real-time processes.

Strategies for Operational Excellence

This paper summarizes recommended approaches for applying software in automated operational environments for organizations that seek continuous improvement towards “Operational Excellence”.

Energy Management And Sustainability Solutions

This paper provides an overview of ICONICS energy management and sustainability solutions that help customers reduce energy costs, cut consumption, curtail carbon emissions and significantly streamline facilities maintenance.